Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Website:

Visit the new website:


Anonymous said... is down... :(

minimalfreaks said...

yes is true :(

because the hosting company said the site uses too much RAM and creates error on their servers [and i've paid them 50euro/month and is not an dedicated server..f**king bastards X-( ]
now i try to transfer it to another hosting service, this could take some time. i hope i can make it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can make this blog alive again! Keep the pressure!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deejay Dirty!
I just found your site not long ago and am devastated that it's down!
I hope you find a new hosting plan soon. I do recommend the German hosting services as they are hi-spec, reliable and cheap!
Have a look:

Good luck :-)


minimalfreaks said...

the website is now up and runnin' on a dedicated server intelcore i7 4x 2x2.66Ghz ;)

Anonymous said...

Wicked! Awesome specs!

walid said...

yes i hope it too love this blog

Anonymous said...

What happened? =(
Any chance the site is going up again?
I'm like split from the world without it...

minimalfreaks said...

yes, the website will be online ASAP.
Changes: the OS.
Problem: the hosting company has some difficulties with the internet connection.

Anonymous said...


Cristina said...

I`am waiting... if you need some help... the site sound good